2011. január 9., vasárnap

Beauty Tip of the Week by Darla

Hi Guys,

Today I made a great Haul video of my first shopping of MAC make up :) I hope tomorrow I can upload it if God and of course Youtube lets me :)

Until then, let me share with you a great beauty tip for cold days:

Treat your lips by a honey treatment! Simply place some honey -does not really matter what kind of honey is it, but it must be 100% natural of course-
to your lips. Try not to lick it down :) I know it is really tasty, but wait about 10 minutes, then you have two options,
1. you simply remove the rest with make up wipes gently, or
2. with your clean fingers, try to remove dead skin along with the rest of the honey, that way you also exfoliate your lips.

Finish the process by applying some lip balm :)

Good luck and see you soon in the next video!

Hugs, Darla

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