2010. december 28., kedd

ANTI FLU make up :) a.k.a getting back to work healthy looking again :D

Hi guys

I had flu lately and that's how it came the idea to do a video on how to look good and healthy again after having flu, on the first working- or school day :)
I hope it helps! :)

I have been using Coastal Scents 78 pallete
MAC tinted moisturiser in NC 35 -while normally I am NC 25 in my foundation -
mixed with my MAC Studio Moisture fix cream.
To under eye, I use Benefit's Eye Bright.
MAC Pressed Powder in medium dark colour to fix the tinted moisturiser.
Fill eyebrows with Revlon's Brow Fantasy in your shade, I was using Brunette :)
TO the eyelid: MAC Bare Study Paint pot until the eyebrow.
Use your favorite pinkish blush to your cheeks and lightly on your eyelid.
Under your eyebrow use a highlight colour for example Oh My darling by MAC.

Line your eye with white pencil, I used my eye kohl from MAC in colour Fascinating.
then curl your lashes and use mascara, I used L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black.

Finally I used my shiny, pinkish Labello lip balm.

Hope you enjoyed :)
See you next time,
Darla :)

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